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Doug & Nancy Thorson
22750 Cottonwood Rd.
Quinn, SD 57775

Thank you for checking out our website. Thorson Herefords is run by Doug and Nancy Thorson. We have 3 children. Grace is 26, married and expecting our first grandchild. Cassidy is 23 and is employed by Scotchman Industries in Philip. Hannah is 12 and like it or not is going to be our main hired girl for the next several years. She is in 7th grade at Philip.

I would like to say we are a young couple running our ranch, but time catches all of us. The years over 40 just keep clicking by for me and then Nancy catches me for part of a year.

We still think of ourselves as a young couple though, just trying to make a living through the land that has been in my family for 3 generations before me. Our place is on the small side, so you won't see us offering 100 bulls anytime in the forseeable future, but we strive to make certain that what we have for sale is a top quality animal that will work in ranch situations. Our ranch is a good mix of native hard grass prairie along with plowed and reseeded fields that provide hay and quality early grass. Our cows graze as long as they can into winter before getting some hay to help them get through the rest in decent shape. Even after we start feeding, it is only done 3 days a week due to it being 7 miles one way to where we winter our main cow herd. Efficiency is very important to us, and those that don't keep condition on their own get a ticket to town. Udder quality and no prolapses are also a trademark of our herd. I have sewed up one cow in 9 years, and she was a heifer that never raised a calf. Never will there be one on my place that has a second chance. Instead I sell the cow and every daughter. I score all my cows on udder quality and put that information in my sale catalog. I try to maintain balance between frame and muscle. Most 1,500+ lb. cows won't work for the average rancher any more than a 900 pounder will. When it comes to sale time, people need the pounds but not at the expense of a winter feed bill that ruins the profit. Most of my cows weigh between 1,200 and 1,400 lbs.

If you want to talk cattle, I invite you to get a hold of us, we always welcome visitors and you can take a look through my cows, bulls, calves etc.

Thank You,

Doug & Nancy