Feb. 12, 2019 at Philip Livestock, Philip, SD
1:00 PM

35 coming 2 year old bulls
35 registered Hereford heifer calves
30 commercial heifer claves
25 commercial Hereford heifers from the Neuhauser ranch
50 BWF heifer calves from the Neuhauser Ranch
20 BWF heifer calves from the Redding ranch.
All heifers are bangs vaccinated, top quality and ready to go.

2019 Sale Catalog


Bulls in the summer "feedlot"

Our program has now evolved to the selling of two year old bulls. I just don't feel that pushing a yearling to sale weight is a good thing for longevity. Yearlings also need more care after use and are more likely to get hurt. Simply put 2's give you more bang for your buck and me peace of mind knowing that what I sold is worth the money.

I really feel that I don't sell bulls but a program. That program is focused on the mother cow. I incorporate as many other traits into the herd as I can but the mother cow that comes out is what I base all my buying and breeding decisions on. We all are in the business of turning grass into an edible protein source for humans. To do that efficiently it takes a great herd of cows. Last year it was dry and hay was lacking but the great cows are still in the country. This year it looks like a guy might not even need hay but Mother Nature can change the outlook on that in a hurry. Weather and markets are hard to predict but having a good solid herd of cows that works for you instead of the other way around makes it easier to deal with the problems that are associated with this business.

Thanks to those who have been here before and those who are new. we appreciate the opportunity to talk cattle.

Visitors are always welcome and thank you for your support.